Our Story

Urban Convenience Meets Southern Charm

You know those places that never leave you even after you leave them? For some reason we carry a little piece of these places with us, no matter where we go in life.

That’s how we felt about a little social market located down the street from us when we lived in Austin, TX. It perfectly encapsulated the feeling of a New York bodega married with a charming artisanal market. And we couldn’t get enough of it.  

We never forgot that place, even after our move to Huntsville, AL.

After moving into an apartment downtown, we quickly realized that Huntsville was missing something. We wanted to be able to walk down the street and get a drink and a bite to eat while also picking up some quick essentials for the week. We wanted a social market like the one in Austin.

So, instead of pining for Austin, we took that feeling that never left us and turned it into a reality.

Our biggest hope is that when you visit the Standard, that you too carry a little piece of it with you no matter where you go in life!

The Standard in Downtown Huntsville

Meet the Owners

Erick Luther honed his craft at the prestigious Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX. While studying there, Erick appreciated the philosophy of utilizing local ingredients to elevate a meal. That’s why, at the Standard, he uses the freshest ingredients from local farms and artisans as much as possible. Before opening the Standard, Erick notably worked alongside Chef James Boyce at the beloved Huntsville-based fine-dining restaurants Cotton Row, Commerce Kitchen, and Pane e Vino.

Stephanie Luther, Erick’s wife, makes it her mission to put the “social” in social market. She says, “I just want to see people we know coming in and sitting at the bar and enjoying themselves. If this is the place people choose to be on Friday or Saturday night, I’ve done my job.” Stephanie works tirelessly to run the business around the clock, engage with regulars, keep the market shelves stocked, and continuously build partnerships with local vendors.

Core Values


Raise the bar for food quality, freshness, and taste


Commit to use locally-sourced items


Make people feel at home


Provide the best of everything